FAQs About Our Sought-After Offers

One of the steps in finding a reliable contractor is by asking them questions about their company and services. You’ll learn a lot about the company you are considering not only by their answers but also by how they answer your inquiries. Check below for our FAQ list to see the answers to the questions that we frequently get from clients!

Are you a certified cleaning contractor?

Yes, we are the certified cleaning contractor that you can trust for all your cleaning service needs in Tuscaloosa, AL. We have received awards for our exemplary cleaning workmanship. Besides being well-versed for all cleanup jobs, we’re also armed with top-grade equipment. You can rely on Cleaning Frenzy for the timely delivery of exemplary and budget-friendly cleaning services.

What if I am not totally happy with the cleaning service?

Yes. Our whole house cleaning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our work, it won’t be considered done. Our service comes with warranties for your own peace of mind. You may call us now for more information about our warranty offers!

Do you clean small homes too?

Yes. While we specialize in quality commercial cleaning services, we can handle house cleaning jobs too. We are your partner in keeping your commercial or residential property spotlessly clean at all times.

Where else do you offer your cleaning services?

Our residential and commercial cleaning services can be easily availed of by the property owners in Tuscaloosa, AL and the surrounding areas:

  • Moundville Town, AL
  • Lake View Town, AL
  • Coaling Town, AL
  • Brookwood Town, AL
  • Vance Town, AL

Keep in mind that our high-quality cleaning offers are just a call away whenever you need us in those areas.

What if something gets damaged?

This isn’t something you should be bothered about when you turn to Cleaning Frenzy. This is because we always ensure optimum safety as we provide our services. Should accidents still occur, our customers and workers wouldn’t be held liable as we are bonded and insured.

Can I ask for a price quote?

Yes, you can always call us for a reliable price quote. And it will be completely free. Just contact us now. Let us know some details of your project. We can also do an on-site inspection to be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. Regarding costs, you need not worry when you turn to us as we actually offer some of the best rates in town.

How can I pay?

The full payment for all our cleaning offers is due at the completion of the job. Cash and checks can be used to pay for our services.

Should I provide anything?

No. We will come complete with the necessary cleaning tools and products. Just put your foot up and let us completely handle your cleaning needs.

Do you have follow-up questions? Perhaps, you have a different inquiry. Or maybe, you want to book our cleaning services. To avail of our great offers or for free estimates, feel free to give us a call at (205) 574-8685 today!

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